Grape juices

The finest flavour with no alcohol

There is nothing quite like the juice from luscious, ripe grapes, especially when the grapes are from Austria’s best wine-growing regions.

Areas like the Neusiedlersee vineyards surrounding Lake Neusiedl, the Kamptal, the Weinland, the Thermenregion and indeed Vienna are second to none. As soon as the grapes have converted the power of the sun into the most delicate sweetness, they are ready to be transformed by the presses into the finest grape juice.


This grape juice (just like all fruit the juices and organic fruit juices produced by Austrian vintners) is 100% unmodified and an entirely natural product. Children adore it but adults can too! Add some sparkling or still water and it is perfect as an aperitif, a drink with a meal, a mixer, or simply as a juicy refreshment. Grape juice from Austria (including organic juice) is becoming increasingly popular in Asia and the USA, which is why, as a wine merchant, we include selected grape juices and fruit juices in our range of wines for export.