Sweet Austrian wines

The best (white) dessert wines in the country

Sweet wines showcase the highly condensed (in the best sense of the word) flavours of the finest grapes from a wine-growing region.

Their sugar content is higher than average and they are most often served towards the end of a meal, as an exquisite accompaniment to dessert or as an after-dinner digestif. Austrian sweet wines are typically white wines and are grown to yield different grades of sweetness.

There is a particularly wide range of sweet wines from Austria: Late-harvested Spätlese achieves its high sugar content through an extended period of ripening of the grapes on the vine.

For Beerenauslese, particularly ripe and sweet grapes are selected to remain on the vine and are harvested and vinified only later. To make Trockenbeerenauslese these grapes are then also dried, which extracts liquid from the fruit and increases the sugar content. Ice wine requires selected grapes to be left on the vine until after the first frost of winter and this is the ultimate discipline in sweet wine production. Be inspired by these delicious specialities. You can order and pay directly online.